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How To Deal With Long Tattoo Sessions

When working on larger tattoos, the time it takes to complete can be pretty lengthy and take multiple sessions of tattooing. This can be concerning for people who physically can not sit for long periods of time and people who have a hard time doing long sessions because of pain tolerance issues or anxiety.

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Communicate With Your Artist

The key to effectively dealing with is communicating with your artist early in the process of getting a tattoo. Our artists would be happy to work with you in a way that is comfortable and enjoyable for you, because we care about the entire tattooing experience and want that to be enjoyable.

By communicating with your artist they are able to discuss the time it will take and how many sessions you would want that broken up into. So always be upfront with your artist about any health issues or concerns.

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Get Comfortable

If you have anxiety about having long tattoo session or know you have low pain tolerance, there are a few things that can help deal with the process. It’s important to not psyche yourself before the tattoo, mindset has a large effect on how you react to tattooing. If possible, try to find the most comfortable position, this sometimes can be impossible depending on the location of your tattoo.

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Bring A Distraction

Most artists won’t mind if you bring a book or look at your phone during your appointment. Just make sure your distraction is only distracting to you- that is, it should not be something that will interfere with the artist working, like a loud video game.

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Stay Hydrated

Lastly, make sure to stay hydrated and bring small snacks to keep energy up throughout the process. Making sure you are properly fuelled will help manage discomfort and avoid dizziness. Absolutely do not come to your appointment hungover- you will not have a fun time if you do.


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