Every tattoo artist will have a slightly different way that he/she recommends taking care of your tattoo. Because of the many different factor in a tattoo, it is important to carefully listen to what your artist tells you is the best aftercare for your tattoo. What we are describing here are our general best practices for tattoo after care.

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Aftercare Steps

  • After your artist has wrapped your tattoo in plastic wrap, leave it covered for 3 hours. Your tattoo is an open wound while its fresh which can be a breeding ground for bacteria, so it’s important to keep it wrapped for the full three hours.
  • After the three hours are over, carefully unwrap your tattoo and wash the area with warm water and antibacterial soap. Be cautious not to rub or be rough with your tattoo when washing it.
  • After you have washed your tattoo, pat it dry and give it 5 to 10 minutes to air dry. Then apply a thin layer of Aquaphor to the whole area of the tattoo.
  • For the first three days after the tattoo, wash and apply Aquaphor 3 to 5 times a days. Make sure to be gentle as you wash the tattoo. Keep a constant thin layer of Aquaphor on at all times.
  • 4 to 5 days after the tattoo, switch from Aquaphor to a non-scented lotion. Continue to apply that whenever your tattoo is feeling dry.
  • Soon after this last step your tattoo may start peel. Continue to apply lotion throughout the time where your tattoo is peeling. Do not pull the skin! This may pull the ink out.

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Extra Tips on the Healing Process

It is important to not pick at your tattoo if it begins to peel, the skin will fall off in its own time and it can destroy your tattoo to try and rush that process. Avoid going in bodies of water such as the ocean, chlorine pools, and jacuzzis. Also avoid giving your tattoo a lot of direct sunlight as that can destroy the tattoo while it is healing. Lastly, remember that the better you take care of your tattoo, the better it will look once it is done healing.

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