Stay Motivated and Attain Successful Habits with Alec Turner

This 35-year-old born in Portland, Oregon, Alec Turner, is a professional tattoo artist of 7 years. He has won awards such as best of the day at Hell City tattoo show, Best of Day for two consecutive days, and Best of Show at the 208 Tattoo convention in Boise, Idaho. Turner has numerous top-notch sponsors such as Sullen Clothing, Jetpack Wireless battery packs, Nuclear tattoo supply, Raw pigments tattoo ink.

He further has two projects; two recovery houses for former drug addicts to give back to the community. These projects came about after being an addict to heroin and crack, which led him to prison for two years. He has since then maintained sobriety for almost ten years. Here is how Alec Turner stays motivated and how he pitches for success.

Success Habit

Alec Turner spends time doing what matters most to him. He has always been intrigued by art and its culture since he was a teenager. Turner realized he wants to try his way out in tattoo artistry eight years ago while sitting in prison and finding his way to sobriety. He realized the thrill and content he had with art and drawing was the onset of his successful career. Doing what matters the most and training his mind that it is the best time to work on what it takes has kept him productive all through.

Seeking professional guidance and partnerships is another. A partnership is the main thriving force in lifestyle businesses, and he has well utilized that, especially now having sponsorship from big brands.


Alec’s motivation comes from his 14-month-old baby boy. He is a single father, and the future of his son drives him to put more effort. Additionally, witnessing the wholeness that comes from what he does, encourages him to keep going and enhancing the culture revolving around street life. The success he has achieved is also a great force in his pursuit. Seeing the impact of hard work is a great drive.

Again, seeing former drug addicts find themselves and grow through his help motivate him to impact society positively. Giving back to society in quite a relatable way gives him a high degree of satisfaction.

Biggest Distress Tips

In one’s quest for success, there will always be distress and burnout. However, to ensure your dream does not fade you need, to find a way to cope and beat distress and burnouts. For Alec Turner, it is taking time off for self-care where he engages in his leisure activities.

You could get productive by taking time to reflect on yourself and probably journaling to unwind the pressure. You could also engage in activities to create room in your mind to get back to work. These activities could be traveling, spending quality family/friends time, listening to music, etc.


It takes a habit and a strong mindset to keep up with your ambitions in life. Therefore, it would be best if you find your purpose and cultivate a habit to drive your ambitions and a positive attitude towards the success path.

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