Who is Alec Turner?

Tattoos have a rich history in the modern world, both as a voluntary form of self-expression and as part of spirituality which embeds it with mystical meaning. People get tattoos for various reasons and often spend a considerable amount of time deciding on the artist, design, and placement due to their permanent nature. It is an important decision for both personal and health reasons since you have to make sure that the artist and tattoo parlor you choose is following health and safety guidelines and have to behave responsibly throughout the healing process. Tattoo artists are very creative people and can churn out beautiful designs after getting an understanding of what inspired the customer and what they wish to achieve with the tattoo. Their years of experience help build a loyal clientele, that sticks by them no matter what.

Alec Turner

One such tattoo artist is Alec Turner. Alec is 34 years old and is from Eugene, Oregon. He owns his own tattoo shop which is called Black Label Tattoo. He serves his customers well and is able to turn their ideas into a reality on their skin, all the while making sure that everything is safe and comfortable. His quality of service and the intricacy of his designs are what keeps people coming back again and again, trusting him to do future tattoos with minimal problems arising. This builds a sense of customer loyalty and community amongst those who live near or frequently visit the tattoo shop and binds them all closer together.

How he became an artist

Alec has been a creative person throughout his life. Whether it be about food, art, or music he knew that he would always pursue a creative field where he could let his talents shine. Many traditional jobs held no interest for him as he knew that he did not have the passion or drive for them. He had always been intrigued by tattoos and had gotten a few himself, loving what the designs represented and what they looked like. Due to this fascination, he always knew that he would eventually try to pursue tattooing in the future. The opportunity came at quite a difficult point in his life. He was incarcerated for a few years during which he decided to hone in and focus on his art and pursue it properly.

How To Choose A Tattoo

The most interesting part of his career has been building such a strong customer base that people fly from all over the country or the world to get tattooed by him. Another important instance that stands out to him is when he bought his first house. This is when he felt that the hard work he had been putting in had paid off and he was extremely proud of what he had accomplished. Over time, he bought two more houses and turned the old ones into recovery houses to help give back to the community that had helped him. Alec knows how it feels to be down on your luck and he wants to do all he can to spread positivity and make sure that people receive the support they need to get better and improve their lives.

Alec’s family

Alec has a beautiful family. He shares both his personal and professional life on social media in order to help inspire others and get more support for his business and recovery efforts. He can be found on Instagram under the username @alecturnertattoos and can be reached through email at alecturnertattoos@gmail.com. As he continues to grow and improve, Alec wants to lift other people and businesses up along with him. He wants to help people make decisions with their bodies that help them feel comfortable and empowered, and make an informed choice when doing so. This is why he posts his work on social media so that people can see for themselves how it looks and decide whether it fits with what they require.

who is alec turner

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